Other Desert Cities

By Jon Robin Baitz

“Anyone fortunate enough to catch Hudson Stage Company’s revival of Other Desert Cities will be hard-pressed to look away…and won’t easily forget what they see.” – John P. McCarthy, ONSTAGE

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Constellations by Nick Payne

by Nick Payne
Directed by Mark Shanahan

“The cast is exceptional. Ben Paul Williams was delightful and disarming with his initial aw-shucks charm, which matured and metamorphosed into a richly complex characterization of the beekeeper. Faith Sandberg brought a depth to Marianne beyond what the playwright put on the page.”

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SWITZERLAND by Joanna Murray-Smith Directed by Dan Foster

by Joanna Murray-Smith
Directed by Dan Foster

“Hudson Stage Company has a winner on its hands! Peggy J. Scott is utterly captivating as Highsmith. Her delivery of Highsmith’s bitingly sardonic ruminations is pitch perfect.
– Peter Danish, BROADWAY WORLD

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Shining City

by Conor McPherson

“Shining City is tautly directed by HSC co-founder Dan Foster. A salient feature of McPherson’s plays is how frequently they showcase the art of storytelling …” – John McCarthy ONSTAGE

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